Shutter Range and Guide

Shutter Range and Guide

Bay Windows
There are two types of bay windows, the splay bay and the box bay also known as a 90 degree bay or suqare bay. Both types can be enhanced by adding plantation shutters. A standard 3 part splay bay normally has angles of 135 degrees on the bay posts, but should always be measured by the surveyor, because even one degree out can result in the shutters and frame not meeting the end of the two side windows correctly.

Talk to us today and we can provide guidance on the best solution for your bay window.

Tier-On-Tier Shutters
For even greater control the shutter panels can in effect be split into two to cover the window recess with one panel sitting above the pther and this is known as tier on tier shutters. In general all panels are made with moveable slats so splitting the panel into two allows fantastic control over your privacy options. You can, for example, leave the louvres in the bottom panel shut while angling the louvres in the upper panel to provide the level of light you require. Alternatively, you could just fold the upper panel out of the way so the upper window is totally free of a window covering.
Full Height Shutters
There is really only one full height shutter type which fills the whole of the window recess. The panel is a single panel in height. When you have two panels sitting above each other this is known as tier on tier. The main difference with installing full height plantation shutters is that there are so many different types and designs of windows that a full height shutter can go into, that how you design your full height shutter set is of critical importance.
Cafe Style Shutters
In some situations a cafe style shutter may be iideal. In this case you are not covering the full height of the window but merely bringing the shutter panel to your chosen height within the window recess and leaving the top half of the window free. In many cases this type of shutter installation is complemented with curtains.
Special Shape Shutters
If you want the wow factor then a special shaped shutter is really the ultimate way off showing of those special architectual features of your home. Why cover those arched windows or portholes with a curtain or a roller? Nothing highlights the made to measure nature of shutters more than a special shaped wooden shutter and this is where the craftsmanship is really visible. This same effort and precision is also inherent in all our other shutter types. They are all made to measure to fit your window.
Waterproof Shutters
Finding a solution for window coverings in bathrooms can be tricky. Finding one that will stand up to the test of time and is easy to clean is even trickier. This is where our waterpoof bathroom shutters provide an ideal solution. Our shutters are not just long lasting but also allow you to control levels of privacy like no other window covering.
Safety with Blinds

Blinds Plus understands the importance of child safety with window blinds. Naturally, unsecured cords and chains could pose a risk to young children and infants. 

Taking simple precautions and supervising young children is all that is required to avoid accidents happening. 

Blinds Plus offers child security devices free of charge with any blind which incorporates operational cords or chains. We recommend selecting this option as standard. 

The child safety device consists of a simple plastic mechanism which can be installed quickly and easily. This allows blind cords to be secured out of the reach of little hands, giving parents peace of mind.


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